Congrats to Coach Hillary for delivering a cool performance in the midst of this past weekend's heat - she took the competition platform at the Don Wilson Golden West Open and went 74/101 for a PR 175kg total.  She even had a solid attempt on her final clean & jerk to qualify for her 3rd American Open - a gutsy jump to 108kg which came off the floor with plenty of speed but just a little out of position.     

As the national-level qualifying totals have gone up over the last few years (making the sport of Olympic weightlifting more and more competitive in this country) Hillary has managed to improve and stay in the hunt for yet another shot on the national stage.  It's quite the accomplishment considering she balances a demanding career, coaching at Arena Ready, living a full & fun life, and staying pretty darn fit all the while.  Well done, Hillary - you make us proud every time you choose to take the competition floor!     

NOTE: The Arena Ready App is on the fritz so many are not able to use it to sign-up for classes.  Please download and use the free "Mindbody Connect" app which will allow you to sign-up for classes and should provide a more stable user experience (although without the cool AR logo on your phone LOL). 

WOD For 09-06-17:

AMRAP 22 Minutes:

16 Power Snatches @ 95/65 lbs

16 Calorie Row OR Assault Bike

16 Toes-to-Bar

16 Push Presses @ 95/65 lbs

16 Burpees