We started the week with a medium-length station rotation met-con and have since incorporated strength work, gymnastics skills, and weightlifting into various "double dosed" training scenarios.  That trend continues on Thursday with a math-friendly WOD preceded by a 10 minute heavy double hang power snatch (some may remember that last week it was a heavy triple hang power clean on the same clock).

Thursday should be good times and another opportunity for some serious intensity and power output with very measured volume.  Then come Friday you know what... 6x6 HOLLA!  

WOD For 09-14-17:

Hang Power Snatch:

10 Minutes For a Heavy Double (NOT a 2RM)




A) Against a 4-Minute Clock for MAX POUNDS LIFTED:

33/25 Calorie Row

33 Box Jumps @ 24/20 in

MAX REPS Hang Power Snatch @ "you pick the load"


REST 4 Minutes, then...




Score by total poundage (total reps x load used).  You cannot change the weight between parts A and B, so choose wisely.