Come out on Saturday to cheer on our very own, multiple-time National-level Olympic weightlifter, Coach Hillary, at the 54th Annual Don Wilson Golden West Open.  She'll be re-taking the competition platform and would love some of her Arena Ready family on hand to watch some big lifts.  Hillary's session start time and meet location info is located below:

54th Annual Don Wilson Golden West Open:

Delta Barbell/Delta CrossFit

7830 Brentwood Blvd

Brentwood, CA 94513


Hillary's Schedule Session Start Time:

Saturday, Aug 31st @ 9:30AM


(Photo courtesy of Hookgrip)

Good luck, Hill - go get 'em!!! 

OH AND PS - if you accidentally grabbed her AR hoodie sweatshirt at the gym please bring it back so she can swap with you (she has yours which had a tissue in the left pocket! LOL).

WOD For 08-31-17:

5 Rounds of:

5 Bench Press (pick load)

8 Evil Wheels OR 16 Hollow Rocks

250m Row Sprint


Rest as needed between rounds.  Record loading for each bench press set and times for every 250m row interval.  The goal is to maintain a pace of  +/-2 seconds for every 250m interval.

(Compare to 01-20-17, 05-19-16, and 11-19-15)