Similar to what we did last Wednesday with clean & jerks, we'll spend Friday classes focusing on snatches. Our EMOM workout should give athletes an opportunity to incorporate what we've practiced these last few weeks in maximizing leg drive and "finishing the 2nd pull" (as it's often described by many) - and with 12 work sets comprised of triples, doubles, and singles it should be a fun class of lifting.

Happy Friday, everyone!     

WOD FOR 08-18-17:

Press in Snatch:


For Quality




EMOM 14 Minutes:

3 Snatches, Moderate (~65-70% of 1RM)

REST & Change Weight

2 Snatches, Moderately Heavy (~75-80%)   

REST & Change Weight

MINUTES 11-14:
1 Snatch, Heavy (~85-90%)

Use the same weight across for all four triples, then all four doubles, and then all four singles, changing the weight only during the rest minutes. The goal is make all 12 sets with no misses, so remember that "heavy" does not mean "max." Percentages shown are of a 1-rep max, and are simply rough guidelines. Both power and/or full snatches are allowed (athlete's choice today). Touch-and-go for the triples and doubles is not required.    

(Compare to 07-08-16 and 01-22-16)