Everyone's favorite Arena Ready gym game and QoD add-on "WCTIBW?!" just took it to a whole new level thanks to Jason E and his thoughtful contributions to the community.  On Monday evening Bret debuted his latest tank-top as designed by the ever-creative and entrepreneurial Jason himself.  Feast your eyes on this:


Needless to say no one got that QoD correct (well, except for Jason), but everyone did agree that this was mind blowing and would rate it 10/10.  If you missed out on the fun don't worry, Jason has provided the opportunity for you to buy WCTIBW apparel and home decor by clicking this link - as he put it, "you may not need it, you may even question why it exists, but you know you want it... get your WCTIBW tank-tops, hoodies, leggings, clocks stickers, and coffee mugs!" 

Jason even left a handful of free sample stickers at the gym (see below) so that early adopters can emblazon their water bottle or laptop with the question many of us ask ourselves nearly every day: WHAT COLOR TANK-TOP IS BRET WEARING?!   

Oh and PS - to the person who untangled and straightened the legacy jump ropes in AR North while we were away... THANK YOU.  You're an angel from CrossFit heaven, and may your double unders forever be fast, relaxed, and unbroken.  

WOD For 08-02-17:

AMRAP 8 Minutes*:

Deadlifts @ 255/175 lbs

Box Jumps @ 24/20 in

Pistols (alternating legs)

*Rep scheme is 2-2-2, 4-4-4, 6-6-6, 8-8-8, etc... (reps for all movements increase by 2 every round) until time expires.




Weighted Plank Hold:

3 x 0:45 (Rest 1:00 Between Efforts)

Add to last week 07-26-17 if possible.