How'd y'all like the ol' smoke-and-mirrors routine that got a lot of you to a PR or near-PR front squat single "out of nowhere" on Tuesday (even with all the volume and down sets)?  


Hopefully you scaled appropriately on Thursday's light-ish deadlifts so that your tempo session on Friday is fruitful.  Happy Friday, friends!

WOD FOR 07-28-17:

Tempo Back Squat:

2-2-2-2 @ 30X3

Climbing. If possible add to last week's 3s. Once the weight is challenging consider that your first work set of four.

For an explanation of the tempo notation click the "Tempo Back Squat" link above to be directed to the appropriate blog post.




3 Rounds of 0:45 ON / 0:15 OFF For Max Reps (12 Total Minutes):


Double Unders

Hand Release Push-ups



Score this workout by total reps completed for all three movements.  Record your reps for each movement during your rest period, which is 1:15 total rest between rounds.