Summer feels like it's in full swing and we've had three energetic, well-attended days of training so far this week.  It's been awesome to have so many folks in the gym getting after it with full force, and the place has been hoppin' for sure.  So it begs the question... after reading what's below, shall we plan on seeing you on Friday?

Remember that showing up on the days you wish you could skip (assuming your body feels OK) is exactly how you get better.  Plus, look at how much fun Coach Lisa is having in this picture... 

WOD for 07-20-17:

Row Technique:

Skills & Drills




Row Intervals:

5 x 500m

Start every 5 minutes.

Each interval is for time.

Note your delta between the fastest and slowest intervals.




Weighted Plank Hold:

3 x 0:45 (Rest 1:00 Between Efforts)

Add to last week 07-10-17 if possible.