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Your Beyond The Whiteboard app has some new features and a new and improved look on it's way!   Check out the video below from the good folks at BTWB, and a quick blurb from them on some of the new interface features...


One of our main goals was to make everything easier to find. To do this we created a card layout to balance aesthetics and usability. When you login to the app you scan scroll through status cards that give you a birds-eye view of a feature. For example, the first status cards in the image below is the “Calendar” card. The status card lets you know that you have a few workouts today. Simply tap on that card to get more detailed information about your WODs. . The same goes for Fitness Level, Training Days, Weaknesses, Modality Analysis, Weigh Ins, Lifestyle, Lifting, Leaderboards, Groups and more. This way we can add more features without hurting usability. Everything will always be one tap away.

Calendar Feature

The new btwb app, being released in the next two weeks, has an awesome calendar feature. Your calendar is where all your WODs that are assigned to you are displayed. From the home screen, the top left number on the Calendar card is your total number of WODs for the current day on all your programming Tracks you follow. To the right is the amount of WODs for each individual track that you're following. When you tap the card you'll see more info on the WODs and easily be able to view WODs, view results from previous days and more. Check out the quick demo video:

Are you a member at Arena Ready and don't know what BTWB is?  Well then you're making me cry inside and letting me know that you never read your AR new member welcome email - but I'll get over it eventually and direct you to this blog post and this blog post which outlines some of BTWB's value to the athlete (that's you, friend).

Are you a member at Arena Ready and know what BTWB is but don't use it?  Well then I'm crying inside for that also - but I mostly feel sorry for you because you probably have no idea what the hell your fitness is doing from an objective standpoint, since you don't accurately measure or record anything.  So read this blog post and get on it!

Beyond The Whiteboard is free to our members, and if you don't have your original invite (check your email and it's spam filter) then let me/Sarah know and we can re-invite you to the BTWB Arena Ready track.

Happy weekend, folks!

WOD for 07-15-17:

"Rob's Aerobic Team DT"

In Teams of THREE ATHLETES, For Time:


2000m Row (split anyhow) 

while completing 

100 Bar-Facing Burpees (split anyhow, only one athlete working at a time) 


12 Rounds of (split anyhow, only one athlete working at a time):

12 Deadlifts @ 155/105 lbs

9 Hang Power Cleans

6 Push Jerks


To complete the "buy-in" one athlete rows while the other two athletes perform bar-facing burpees (with only one working at a time), and athletes may switch whenever they like. The barbell movements cannot start until both the row and bar-facing burpees are completed.  Reps for all of the movements may be split anyhow (with only one athlete working at a time), and do not have to be shared equally.