Often I tell people that "I don't do CrossFit to be good at CrossFit.  I do CrossFit to be great at life."  Sometimes it's easy to lose sight of that perspective, especially when we're having fun in the gym chasing numbers, chasing friends, and chasing down previous versions of our self.

So it's good to be reminded every now and again why we all do what we do inside the walls of the gym.  Thanks for reminding us of exactly that, and for sharing your story, Eva. 

WOD for 05-10-17:

1 Power Clean + 2 Push Presses + 1 Push Jerk:

5 sets of (1+2+1)

Climbing as technique allows.




A) AMRep 5 Minutes:

400m Run

20 Lateral Bar Burpees

MAX REPS Shoulder-to-Overhead @ 135/95 lbs




B) AMRep 5 Minutes:

200m Run

20 Shoulder-to-Overhead @ 135/95 lbs

MAX REPS Lateral Bar Burpees


Score by total reps for both A and B.