SPS Championship: Kate & Mike

Congratulations to Kate "The Flying Squirrel" and Mike "Rick Broning" Stein for their fantastic performances on the competition platform at the SPS Championship in Oakland on Saturday.  Kate went 66/73kg (with a "training" clean & jerk make at 77kg) for a 139kg total in the 53kg BW class - good enough for a podium finish and another fantastically entertaining medalists picture:

Mike set two PRs by going 102/131kg (a 1kg clean & jerk PR) for a 233kg total (a 4kg PR on his competition total).  His lifts are right on the brink of another breakthrough for even bigger numbers fairly soon, so it will be exciting to see things develop for him over the course of this year.    

Nice work. lifters!  A big thank you also to Jeff G for helping coach, load, and handle our lifters at the meet while our three main AR Weightlifting coaches were away for a wedding - thank you, Jeff, and great work to you too! 


Hoodies & Regionals Shirts

The first wave of Summer AR shirts are hot off the production press and are ready for pick-up and payment.  This first wave includes the hoodie sweatshirts, baseball tees, and Regionals shirts (Cassie & Sarah shirts). If you pre-ordered, and managed to complete & submit the survey for sizing, then your items have been set aside for you and labeled for pick-up.  Thanks to the Sunday Open Gym and Barbell Club crews who stayed late and helped us sort everything, the reserved items are organized (in alphabetical order nonetheless) on top of the boxes in AR North for your convenience - payments should be made on the Square iPad register, and a coach can help you if you have any questions:

Remaining sizes and extras (i.e. non-reserved items) that are up for sale are hanging on the rack (hoodies) or folded in the cubbies (baseball tees and Regionals shirts).  Feel free to purchase one if you see something you like (they'll go fast!).  Please also help keep everything neat and tidy as you look through the loot to see if you'd like to purchase anything.

The other pending styles ("Swolemate" shirts, "Definition" shirts, etc) are still in production and should be ready and delivered to us in the coming weeks, so we'll let you know when the remaining styles have arrived!

WOD for 05-22-17:

Alternating EMOM For 4 Rounds (12 Minutes):

1) 40 Unbroken Double Unders

2) 5 Deadlifts, climbing

3) 100m Run, increasing in pace


Climb in loading to your working weight for the AMRAP below (or just above it).  This is NOT intended to be a 5RM or even a "heavy" set of 5. 

Increase your pace on the run in each round, finishing with your fastest stride in round 4.




AMRAP 10 Minutes:

400m Run

10 Deadlifts @ 275/195 lbs

15 Toes-to-Bar