You'll have to please excuse all the Regionals talk these next two weeks as we gear up to the big weekend in Del Mar (May 26 - 28).  Cassie and Sarah have put in so much work this last year in order to be able to represent themselves and Arena Ready at one of the highest level competitions in the world, so hopefully talking shop about the events and workouts - and reminiscing about competition years past - can be forgiven by those of you who may not find it all as interesting as the rest of us.  Thanks for your understanding. 

In class on Monday I made the joke that in honor of the upcoming 2017 CrossFit Games Regionals, which for the first time ever will (seemingly) not include a barbell whatsoever, we will run our workouts at Arena Ready with no barbell for the next two weeks.  After the groans subsided I of course said "just kidding!" so as not to let anyone suffer with the thought too long - although between Monday's non-barbell AMRAP and Tuesday's non-barbell met-con, it would appear that we're at least giving most everyone's favorite strength & conditioning tool a bit of a break for the early part of this week.

But don't despair, we'll have our share of barbell movements mixed in with other elements as we always do... and for now we'll wish that our old friend the barbell Rest In Peace this coming Regionals season.  Some of us are still holding out (wishful thinking) for a "surprise" Regionals Event 7 to be announced on the spot, immediately following Event 6 - perhaps a nice heavy barbell with really any movement requirement.  A weightlifting coach can dream...

For now, how about a flashback video to 2015 when barbells were in play and Sarah set a Regionals Event record with a heart-stopping miss then a make (at 10:02 in the video) in Event 5:   

R.I.P. Barbells.  

WOD for 05-16-17:

Pause Front Squat:


Climbing as technique allows. Pause is 3 seconds at the bottom.




For Time:

400m Run

15 Double Kettlebell Front Squats @ 53/35 each side

5 Bar Muscle-ups

400m Run

12 Double Kettlebell Front Squats 

4 Bar Muscle-ups

400m Run

9 Double Kettlebell Front Squats

3 Bar Muscle-ups