Thanks so much to everyone who came out on Saturday afternoon/evening to celebrate during our annual Arena Ready End of The Open Get Together!  We had over 60 folks come by to say hello, hang out, eat/drink, and socialize with friends outside of the gym, and a fun time was had by all... we even relished in the surprisingly dry weather while huddled around the firepit.  For those who were not able to make it you were certainly missed - we'd like to list the "awards" we handed out during the evening to fill you all in, and to give the winners another shout out on this forum:

Top 3 Open Finishers - Men (by placement in the NorCal Region):

1) Walker T.

2) Jon M.

3) James M.


Top 3 Open Finishers - Women (by placement in the NorCal Region):

1) Cassie L.

2) Kate F.

3) Liz T.


"Rookie of The Year" - Male:

James O.


"Co-Rookies of The Year" - Female:

Katie S. AKA "Katie Pepper"

Jeannie W.

(Honorable Mention: Marcia R.)


"Spirit of The Open" - Male:

Steven M.


"Spirit of The Open" - Female:

Liz T.

Yami (right), last year's Rookie of The Year, passes the torch on to Jeannie (left), this year's (Co-)Rookie of The Year

Great work to all of our award winners, and to each athlete who participated in the Open this year!  For yet another year well over half of our gym's community engaged in this event, the world's largest fitness competition, and we couldn't be more proud of the effort of our members, and the support we all showed each other as a collective group.  Arena Ready finished as "The Fittest CrossFit Gym in San Francisco" - both officially, thanks to our highest (within the city) cumulative team/affiliate finish in the Open, and un-officially (AKA in my/Sarah's own heart) by largest total participation of athletes.  Not too bad for our little community that could!  

We also want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to our coaches and athletes who were so instrumental in the success of the challenging 5-week event.  From helping set-up logistics for each WOD, to judging for hours on end, to cheering for every athlete (whether entered in the Open or not), to assisting with the sometimes (er, often?) elaborate operations of Cassie's and Sarah's qualifying workouts, you folks were so amazing in every way.  We are grateful for such an incredible group of people, and are proud of how much our Arena Ready family cares about one another... the Open is a time of year where that much is very clear.

Here's to attacking the remainder of 2017 surrounded by an awesome group of fit friends!  

WOD for 04-10-17:

Push Press:

10 Minutes For a Triple (NOT a 3RM)

No rack - clean the barbell form the floor.




For Time:

400m Run

40 Push Presses @ 95/65 lbs (no rack)

400m Run

20 Burpee Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups

400m Run

40 Push Presses

400m Run