A BIG THANK YOU to Coach Walker for his generous gift to the gym - a Rogue Fitness Peg Board!  The interwebs would have you believe that the peg board may make an appearance at Regionals later this month - which I, for one, hope is not the case.  Not that I feel it would be a big curveball for our two Regional athletes (I actually think Cassie and Sarah would be fairly competent on the device), but more so because WHO WANTS TO PAY TO WATCH PEOPLE CLIMB ON A PEG BOARD?!  Let alone run on a treadmill (I know, I know, it's not a treadmill... and I'd be lying if I said I didn't want one of those as well).     

That said, the peg board is a very cool tool which builds and tests upper body pulling strength - some of you might remember having one in your old school gymnasium/PE class (or maybe you did gymnastics as a little kid and they had one in the facility).  Much like the stall bars that are found in old gyms, most folks don't know exactly what peg boards are used for - and in the 2015 CrossFit Games World Final some would say that most of the best athletes didn't either (LOL):  

It's pretty damn cool to now have a peg board of our own in the gym and we're grateful to Walker for the generous gift. 

A big thank you also to Tony for installing the peg board for us, and for helping me QA test it to make sure that it's securely mounted:


Yeah, I think it's on there pretty good. 420-plus pounds and not even a squeak.

Happy May, everyone!

WOD for 05-01-17:

"Rob's May Day Chipper"

In Teams of TWO, Against a 20-Minute Clock For MAX REPS:

A) 2000m Row (split anyhow) 

     while completing 

     90 Handstand Push-ups (split anyhow) 

B) 70 Synchronized Bar Facing Burpees (together, obviously)

C) 50 Deadlifts @ 155/105 lbs (split anyhow) 

D) MAX REPS Hang Power Cleans @ 155/105 lbs (split anyhow) 


One partner rows while the other partner completes handstand push-ups, and partners may switch whenever they like. The bar facing burpees cannot start until both the row and HSPU are completed.  Bar facing burpees are completed together (not split) and must be synchronized on the ground, with both athletes touching their chest to the floor at the same time. The team's score is total number of hang power cleans completed.