April Fools WOD

I hope none of you that read the Saturday (April 1st) WOD blog actually thought we'd do that to you, and then stayed home as a result.  I was also hoping that the WOD's title being linked to this GIF of Christina Aguilera being all like JUST KIDDING clued you in as well.   

Get The Deets For This Saturday

I'm embarrassed that I actually just wrote the word "deets" and it's getting published to the blog that way - not to mention the "being all like" in the paragraph above.  Next thing you know I'll be using "sesh" in class - please punch me in the face if I do (you can take this blog post as my consent for you to do so).  

Anyhow, the location of the Arena Ready "End of The Open Get-Together" this Saturday (from 5pm to 9pm) is set, so please check the Arena Ready Private Facebook Group (click here) for details.  If you're a member at AR and not in the Private Facebook Group please request to be added.  If you're not on Facebook then keep fighting the good fight (LOL) and contact me/Sarah for the info, or ask a coach at the gym!  

Yoga Returns in May

Yoga classes are currently scheduled to resume in May once Dani returns to the gym.  I know that she's looking forward to being back and the feeling is certainly mutual - we miss you, Dani!

The level of awesome in this photo represents much of what the Open is (and should be) about. Thank you, Jenny, for capturing so many incredible moments over the years... thank you Coach Liz, and all of our coaches, for being such strong leaders in this community... and thank you, Yami, and all of our athletes, for making Arena Ready a place where everyone supports one another in the pursuit of being "better than yesterday."    

WOD for 04-03-17:

Back Squat:

Six work sets of FOUR reps, as follows:

A) 14 Minutes For...

4-4-4-4 Climbing to a Top Set*

*Add to your top set of SIX from 03-28-17

B) 6 Minutes For...

Two "drop" sets:

1x4 @ 85% of your top set

1x4 @ 80% of your top set




For Time:

100 Air Squats

30 Power Snatches @ 135/95 lbs

100 Air Squats


(Compare to 05-09-16)