Well, the re-test of Open 16.4 in the form of Open 17.4 produced nearly a clean sweep of score improvements at Arena Ready, including many athletes smashing their 2016 performances by a mile.  This was definitely one of the more "fun" (if I may use that word LOL) Open workouts this year, and our gym really got behind every competitor who took on the challenge of this 55s Chipper.  Great work, everyone!    

Please REMEMBER TO SUBMIT YOUR 17.4 SCORE to the CrossFit Games website (click here) by the 5pm Monday deadline!  We cannot submit your score for you, so if you're on your phone or computer reading this do it now before you forget!  Several of you have submitted scores we haven't validated because they have slight discrepancies against what we have in our records - most are likely an accidental entry of an incorrect or non-applicable tiebreak time, so not a big deal (but we'd still like to keep everyone accurate).  I'll message these folks on Monday so you can double check your scorecards and withdraw/re-enter your score if needed.    

We're in the home stretch with only one week (and one Open workout) left to go!

WOD for 03-20-17:

Hang Power Snatch + Hang Squat Snatch + Overhead Squat:

5 Sets of (1+1+1)

Climbing as technique allows (ideally with "no misses") to a top set.

If possible add 5% to your top set from 03-09-17.





For Time:


Double Unders


AbMat Sit-ups


Ring Dips


(Compare to 03-21-16)