After last week's incredible Open 17.2 at Arena Ready I thought to myself "that's probably as energetic as it can possibly get this year in the Open, it'll be tough to beat that amazing vibe in the final three weeks."  Well, Open 17.3 on Saturday (and Sunday for that matter) proved me completely wrong.  The gym was on fire this past weekend with some unbelievable performances, and the corresponding screams and cheers of support from our community watching it all go down.  SO FREAKIN' COOL!

Please REMEMBER TO SUBMIT YOUR 17.3 SCORE to the CrossFit Games website (click here) by the 5pm Monday deadline!  We cannot submit your score for you, so if you're on your phone or computer reading this do it now before you forget!  

Three down, and two weeks to go...

WOD for 03-13-17:

Back Squat:

Six work sets of six reps, as follows:

A) 15 Minutes For...

6-6-6-6 Climbing to a Top Set*

*Add to your top set of EIGHT from 03-07-17

B) 7 Minutes For...

Two "drop" sets:

1x6 @ 85% of your top set

1x6 @ 80% of your top set




For Time:

50 Thrusters @ 115/75 lbs

*Perform 4 lateral bar burpees at the top of every minute, including the first (at 3-2-1 GO!)