Any guesses what CrossFit HQ and Dave Castro have in store for us this week(end) for Open Workout 17.2?  

Come on by the gym and join us to watch the announcement of 17.2 at 5pm on Thursday evening - we'll be viewing the announcement of the WOD and watching Kristi Eramo and Kari Pearce (two of the Top-10 finishers at last year's CrossFit Games) battle it out live from Rogue Fitness headquarters in Columbus, Ohio!

WOD for 03-02-17:

Barbell Good Morning:


For Quality




Clean Pull + Power Clean:

5 Sets of (1+1) 

Climbing to 80% of your power clean 1RM. Prioritize position & balance, and finishing your leg drive in the 2nd pull.




5 Rounds of:

1:00 Max Calories on the Rower

1:30 Rest


Record calories for each round as well as the total across all 5 rounds.

(Compare to 06-29-16)