A big CONGRATS to the athletes who got their first ever STRICT muscle-up on Wednesday during class - James O., Diego, and Seiji.  Nice work, gents!  We also had a handful of athletes who are SO close, and could get over the rings and through the transition with the tiniest little spot - Chris E., David G, and Bianca, to name a few.  Keep working at it folks... the strength, stability, and mobility gains are paying off, and your positional awareness is getting better in the transitions! 

Wednesday classes had me talking about the Evans Avenue parking option at the gym, since Wednesday 12pm and 4pm classes can be the toughest times during the week to find parking immediately next to the gym (thanks mostly to street cleaning up the hill).  One option that's usually a great alternative (whether it be Wednesday or not) is parking on Evans Avenue, just off of Cesar Chavez.  

Evans Avenue puts you just 1,000 feet or so away from the gym (through two crosswalks), and there's almost always plenty of free parking available - check out a visual orientation by clicking here:


WOD for 02-09-17:

Pause Back Squat:


Climbing as technique allows. Pause is 3 seconds in the bottom.




AMRAP 9 Minutes:

30 Dumbbell or Kettlebell Walking Lunges @ 35/25 lbs (per side)

25 Box Jumps @ 24/20 in

20 Medicine Ball Sit-up & Throw @ 20/14 lbs