The kipping pull-up is a movement we use in CrossFit which takes a bit of work to master.  If you've been at Arena Ready for a while then you've likely seen a basic progression for working toward a kipping pull-up.  If you're newer to training here you're aware of the fact that we prioritize building pulling strength, shoulder stability, and shoulder mobility prior to allowing a high volume of kipping.  Healthy shoulders are a good thing.

If you're still working on getting your kipping pull-up here's another great resource from Cherie Chan, whom Coach Sarah worked with previously on the CrossFit HQ Seminar Staff.  Check it out! 

We encourage practicing the kipping pull-up during Open Gym Sundays, and/or a bit before or after class, assuming the day's programming isn't already prioritizing kipping or higher volume shoulder range of motion (and also assuming you've already warmed-up the shoulder girdle and performed enough mobility or dynamic movement to be ready to kip).  

Be smart about how much and how often you practice, in light of your current level of pulling strength, shoulder stability, and shoulder mobility-- it doesn't happen overnight, so keep working at it, but think long-term!     

WOD for 01-05-17:

Alternating EMOM For 5 Rounds (10 Minutes):

1) 6 Bent-Over Barbell Rows + 6 Barbell Roll-Outs

2) Sprint 50m + Walk 50m




On a Running Clock...

A) At 0:00, For Time:

600m Run

30 Box Jumps @ 24/20 in

30 Chest-to-Bar Pul-ups


B) At 12:00, For Time:

400m Run

20 Box Jumps @ 24/20 in

20 Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups