Yesterday's post revealed the answer to the question we've all been asking ourselves, and the level of skill and restraint exercised by the mystery person during these last 4 weeks is nothing short of incredible.  When I asked Yami if we could share her email to me explaining the entire saga from her perspective she replied:

Yes, please do with it whatever you would like!  At one point I seriously thought I would take this with me to the grave and I was perfectly ok with that.  But I have made my peace with it and everyone really deserves to know.  It's been too fun not to share.    

And so without further ado - and in her own words - here's Yami with some insight as to how it all went down:

Ok, let me just start off by saying that it was always my intention to give the signs to you personally.  I took them with me to the holiday party but I forgot them in the car!  On our way out I asked Alex to hold the door for me while I ran out and got them because I really didn’t want to take them back home and risk forgetting or loosing them.  Then I thought “Oh they’re busy up there.  I should just put them on and they can take them off if they want.”  Little did I know this would spark such a huge debate.  
I was going to tell you about them but then the Facebook group went crazy over it.  I kept quiet because it was funny at first.  Then it was really scary (damn my social anxiety!!).  Then one time Alyssa asked it as the QOD but she prefaced it with: “If you are here and you did it don’t say anything!”  So then I was just confused.  She straight up called me out and said someone thought it was me (Jessica) so I panicked and said I thought it was Gordon… mostly because I really liked his careful critique of it.  That was the only time I lied (sorry bud!).
So yes, for the record Jessica totally hit it on the mark.  She knows her teachers!  Esterina was also right.  Every time I filled up my water bottle I looked at that poor little colorless sign wearing away while having something very important to say and no one was paying attention to it anymore!!!  Welp, my teacher instinct just took over.  Sidenote: sometimes I think I’m still in teaching only for the supplies.  It was not my intention to be so good at your writing Sarah, but when I made them I ultimately just wanted to keep it your message but with just a bit more visibility.
Anyway, it was very entertaining to watch this all go down.  I never intended to cause such uproar, but I am not sorry.  It needed to be done.  To me it felt like such a small gesture compared with what you guys do everyday. You can finally leave Karen alone now Rob!   
#cantstopthisyamithis is how I end all my emails now :)   


WOD for 01-04-17:

Front Squat:



Add to your 6-rep loading from 12-20-16.




3 Rounds For MAX REPS:

1 MINUTE of Max Reps Russian Kettlebell Swings @ 70/53 lbs

30 SECONDS of Rest

1 MINUTE of Max Calories on Rower

30 SECONDS of Rest

1 MINUTE of Max Reps Burpees 

30 SECONDS of Rest


Each calorie on the rower counts as one rep.