Juts in case you missed Sunday evening's television premiere of the SF Fire vs LA Reign match from the 2016 NPGL season, you can catch the re-airing on Wednesday at 2pm on NBC/Comcast SportsNet (Comcast/xfinity channel 721).  Set your DVRs if you won't be home so you can catch all of the action and cheer on Sarah and the Fire!

For TV airdates of all other matches you can click here for our prior blog post and/or here for the NPGL's full TV listing schedule of every GRID match from the 2016 season.  

WOD for 09-28-16:


A) From 0:00 - 10:00

Strict Press (Cycle 1, Week 4 - "Deload Week"):

***Using 95% of your 1RM from 08-30-16 as your "base"...

40% x 5

50% x 5

60% x 5

***FOR EXAMPLE: if you lifted 120 lbs as your 1RM on 08-30-16 you would use 95% of that (114 lbs) as your "base":

40% of 114 lbs = 46 lbs x 5 reps

50% of 114 lbs = 57 lbs x 5 reps

60% of 114 lbs = 68 lbs x 5 reps

Yes, this may feel silly and ridiculously light.  This is a deload week and that's the whole point.  Just load the bar, get the sets done, and think of it as priming your overhead position for what's to follow...


B) From 10:00 - 25:00

Push Press:


Climbing as technique allows


C) From 25:00 - 40:00

Push Jerk:


Climbing as technique allows