What a gorgeous and eventful weekend!  On Sunday afternoon Molly F. was kind enough to host about three or four dozen Arena Ready folks for a wine tasting and backyard grilling AMRAP.  Our resident wine guru, JP, poured some wonderful wines while we all noshed on delicious food under the "San Francisco Summer" sunshine.

Missed out on the gathering?  You (and by "you" I mean Arena Ready members) were all invited on the private Arena Ready Facebook group - so if you're not in the group (and are a member at Arena Ready) please click here and make sure you request to be added!  If you're not on Facebook well I can understand (and I applaud you for your abstinence), but it may very well be worth getting on it just for the sake of the AR group - you'll have access to all the communication, events, gym news, and nonsense that fill the group on a regular basis.  And you'll never have to feel FOMO again about missing a fun event or gathering with your swolemates and gym buddies.

I, of course, was a terrible gym owner and forgot to take a big group photo of the entire gang, but thankfully LGB at least got an artsy candid of a handful of those in attendance (thanks, Lindsay):

Looks like Monday will be another beautiful day, so what better way to start your week than a little vitamin D and some back squats?!  GET ON IT.

WOD for 09-26-16:

Back Squat:

12 minutes to establish a triple


This is NOT a 3RM.  Quickly work up to something "moderately heavy" prior to dropping the load to your working weight for Part 2 to follow.  Like percentages?  For most of you think 85% of 1RM or somewhere in that neighborhood.




Five 2-Minute Cycles For MAX REPS:

200m Run

10-9-8-7-6 Back Squats @ Bodyweight

MAX REPS Box Jumps @ 24/20 in

(Rest 2 Minutes)


This is 2 minutes of work followed by 2 minutes of rest, repeated for 5 cycles.  Back squat reps start at 10 in the 1st cycle, and then decrease by 1 rep for each cycle thereafter (the 5th and final cycle = 6 back squats).  Score is total number of box jumps across all 5 cycles.

(Compare to 12-29-15)