Since Labor Day a few weeks ago cut into our regular Monday evening yoga classes, Dani has graciously offered to do another Sunday "make-up" yoga class this weekend!  She'll be teaching the class on Sunday, September 25th at 9:00am - so if you're interested please sign-up as you would for any other class. 

For more info on what Dani's yoga classes entail click here for some details.  All levels are welcome and yoga is free for Arena Ready members - so what are you waiting for?  Do yourself a favor and help your recovery, mobility, stability, mental clarity, and maybe even learn a thing or two... get on it, and get in here on Sunday morning!

WOD for 09-24-16:


AMRAP 22 Minutes:

PARTNERS A & B Share & Complete:

12 Deadlifts @ 155/105 lbs

9 Hang Power Cleans

6 Push Jerks

PARTNER C Completes:

3 Rounds of "Cindy"


One partner must always be completing rounds of "Cindy" and must always switch after 3 rounds.  The 12-9-6 triplet is shared and can be split in any fashion.  The team's score is rounds + reps completed of the triplet.

One round of "Cindy" is:
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Air Squats