... and heavy weights like they're light!

Over the last few months we've used weightlifting complexes to re-enforce the proper positions during the snatch and clean.  As a result we've seen many of our athletes make progress on "staying over" or "covering" the bar prior to initiating the second pull - and have continued to witness our folks improving their first pull from the floor, as well as the position at the knees (since we pretty much harp on both of those things all the time, haha).  

While drills and complexes help to ingrain proper positions and movement patterns during the lifts, another valuable tool is one's mental approach with the lifts - i.e. how someone addresses the bar, prepares their focus, and, accordingly, executes the controlled/violent/powerful/dynamic movement.  One relevant weightlifting concept that is very valuable for athletes to learn is to "lift light weights like they're heavy and heavy weights like they're light." 

I posted this video to the private AR Facebook group a while back and wanted to share it again here - check out how this athlete's speed/violence/aggression/extension is the same regardless of the weight on the bar.  As the weight gets heavier the only thing that changes is that the barbell simply doesn't go quite as high, thus forcing him to pull under to receive lower and lower (for his snatches the bar starts at 70 kg/154 lbs and ends at 125 kg/275 lbs).  Obviously he's not doing exactly the same complex we'll be doing on Thursday, but you get the point…

If you move slowly and without purpose when the bar is light, only to try and "turn it on" once the bar gets heavier, it's too late.  Over months and years of practicing and training this way you're simply re-enforcing slow and/or sloppy movement with hundreds or thousands of reps.  When the weights get heavy, and the pressure is on, the body will fall back on what it's used to doing.  So, instead, prioritize all those lighter sets and move with a purpose to train your body that speed and aggression is not an option... it's the way.  The only way.

Lift light weights like they're heavy and heavy weights like they're light!

WOD for 09-22-16:

2 Power Snatches + 1 Squat Snatch:

4 Sets of (2+1)

Quickly climb to your working weight for Part 2 below (or slightly above it).




3 Rounds for Time:

400m Run

12 Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups

12 Power Snatches @ 155/110 lbs

24 Wall Balls @ 20/14 lbs to 10/9 ft