As many of you know, Kim CRUSHED IT this past weekend at the 2016 Kill Cliff Granite Games in Minnesota.  At the conclusion of 3 days (and 11 grueling events) of competition she placed 7th overall in a talented field of athletes, which included several perennial CrossFit Games Masters competitors.  Her weekend highlights included a 6th place event finish in the “surprise” 5K row, a 2nd place event finish in the shuttle run, and a PR-tying snatch following 40 toes-to-bar (woof)!  

Kim also showed a ton of grit and the heart of a champion by battling through a few events that challenged the limits of her strength and fitness, and certainly put her way outside of her comfort zone.  Many of us in the Arena Ready community were glued to our devices (laptops, phones, tablets) the entire weekend, watching the events unfold and cheering hard for our resident MIGHTY MINI.  At one point on Sunday, during one of the weightlifting sessions at the Marin Open in San Rafael, the AR Weightlifting Team gathered around Sarah’s phone to watch the final event on live feed while standing on the sidewalk outside of the meet’s venue.  Suffice to say that “The Fittest Optometrist in San Francisco” inspired us, made us proud, and reminded us once again what it means to work hard, to try to be better every day, and to smile while having fun kicking some ass.

We are so incredibly proud of you, Kim, and the community at Arena Ready couldn’t be happier for you as we watch your dedication pay off in droves.  I think I speak for everyone when I confidently say that this is just the beginning of so many amazing moments yet to come for you in your pursuit of excellence.

Kim Tom is MIGHTY indeed.  And if you didn’t know, now you know.   

WOD FOR 09-14-16:

Strict Press (Week 2):

***Using 95% of your 1RM from 08-30-16 as your "base"...

70% x 3

80% x 3

90% x 3+ (e.g. Max Effort: as many reps as you can safely make)


***FOR EXAMPLE: if you lifted 120 lbs as your 1RM on 08-30-16 you would use 95% of that (114 lbs) as your "base":

70% of 114 lbs = 80 lbs x 3 reps

80% of 114 lbs = 91 lbs x 3 reps

90% of 114 lbs = 103 lbs x 3+ reps (e.g. Max Effort: as many reps as you can safely make)




Back Squat:



This Back Squat session is similar to ones we have done in the past, with the goal being three heavy singles, each followed by a “down set” of multiple (and ascending) repetitions.  The athlete should build to their first single with 3-4 warm-up sets, and then once the first single is taken there should be no “in-between” or “test” sets during the SIX total work sets.  Since this type of session requires the athlete to “go by feel” some will inevitably ask for advice on loading - here is a rough idea of what a typical progression might look like for someone who squats approximately 250 lbs as a 1RM (keeping in mind that athletes will vary!):

Empty Bar + Three to Four Warm-up Sets, then…
1 @ 225 lbs
3 @ 205 lbs
1 @ 235 lbs
5 @ 200 lbs
1 @ 240 lbs
7 @ 195 lbs

Keep your rest strict at approx 1:30 - 2:00 between sets.  There is no “rule” about the singles going up or down in weight, and the same goes for the sets of 3, 5, and 7 (they can go slightly up, go slightly down, or stay the same) - it all depends on the individual athlete and how they feel today.  Take what’s there today, come back tomorrow.