The community at Arena Ready has always been so supportive of Coach Lavinia's amazing efforts with her Weekday Warriors Fitness Program at James Denman Middle School (where she is also a P.E. teacher).  She's at it once again, helping to give her kids access to quality fitness programs by raising money to purchase equipment for the after-school club, and she would love any support you can give.  They will be hosting a "Bubbles For Barbells" raffle at Triple Voodoo Brewery on Sunday, August 21st from 1-4pm, and prizes include FitBit wearables, golf at the Olympic Club, and a weekend stay at a San Francisco B&B! 

You can click here for more info on the raffle or to contact Lavinia regarding donating to the program and/or offering raffle prizes you may want to contribute.

Thanks, all, for your attention and happy weekend!  

WOD for 08-06-16:

In Teams of Two Athletes...

SIX 2-Minute Cycles (EACH Athlete) for Max Row Calories (24 Total Minutes):

200m Sprint

20-18-16-14-12-10 Wall Balls @ 20/14 lbs to 10/9 ft

Max Calorie Row

(Rest 2 Minutes)


Only one athlete working at a time.  Each athlete completes six cycles for a team total of twelve cycles.  Athlete 1 completes one full 2-minute cycle then rests 2 minutes while Athlete 2 completes one full cycle, etc.  Athletes alternate until both have completed six cycles (24 minutes).  Wall ball reps start at 20 for cycle one and then decrease by 2 every cycle.  The team's score is total number of calories rowed.