Weekend Events Reminders

REMINDER to go out and support our team at the 2016 Lifeworx Throwdown on Saturday (click here for details)!

REMINDER to go out and support Coach Lavinia's "Bubbles For Barbells" fundraiser on Sunday and help her Weekday Warriors After-School Program (click here for details)! 


Randy & Amie

Sadly, two more violators of the Arena Ready Moratorium are preparing to depart San Francisco for their new adventures in life - a new home, new baby, new surroundings.  Randy and Amie have been such a big part of the AR community for several years, and while we are selfishly sad to see them go, we are also excited for all the new experiences that are about to become a reality for their family. 

We've loved having you two (three!) as a part of our community and we wish you all the best.  As with anyone who has become family here at Arena Ready, we require that you come in and say hello every time you're in the city - and if I hear otherwise then everyone gets burpees and country music.  

Some parting words from our friend Randy, in case you missed it on the Arena Ready private Facebook group:   

Hey Arena Ready peeps...  before we leave, I wanted to post a huge THANK YOU to Rob, Sarah and all the AR coaches! When I first started at Arena Ready, I didn’t think to take a "before" photo, so I found one I think that’s pretty close to when I first started. It’s definitely the worst picture I could find of an unhealthy me in the last 4 years, just over a year before starting AR. I truly believe without Rob and Sarah’s programming/coaching and all of the AR coaches' watchful eyes and support, I wouldn’t have made it the last 2.5 years. And for the times when my zeal exceeded my abilities or just general wear and tear, thank you Taylor and Sal for putting me back together! I am extremely grateful for the journey I’ve been on with this community. I don’t plan to disappear completely and I hope it’s not long before I can drop in, but you’re all welcome to visit if you’re passing through Sacramento, need a pit stop or just want to say hello.
Thank you all so much for an amazing experience! 
BTW the group shot, of course is by OHD’s Jenny Morgan, and is my fav from this year’s open. This set of poses was supposed to be "Blue Steel" but pretty sure I’m also seeing Le Tigre, Ferrari and Rob pulling off Magnum! “Glorious!” :p

Amie's due date WOD with some of the 7am crew!

And a farewell (for now) to Randy and Amie - or a drop of the mic, as it were - wouldn't be complete if we didn't all say it one more time... ladies and gentlemen give it up for Arena Ready's own MISTER RANDY WATSON!!! 

WOD for 08-20-16:

In Teams of Three Athletes...

For Total Time:

BUY-IN: 1000m Run, Starting TOGETHER

2 Rounds With "Waterfall" Start:
400m Row
30 Wall Balls @ 20/14 lbs to 10/9 ft
20 Toes-to-Bar
10 Curtis P Complexes @ 95/65 lbs

BUY-OUT: 100 Lateral Burpees Over Barbell SPLIT


The Curtis P Complex is: Power Clean + Lunge Right + Lunge Left + Push Press

All three athletes start the BUY-IN run TOGETHER and all three athletes must complete 1000m. The "waterfall" start can begin with the first athlete to complete the run starting the row immediately (he/she does NOT have to wait for the other two athletes to complete the run). An athlete cannot start on a movement station until the teammate before him/her has cleared that station (e.g. Athlete 2 cannot start the wall balls until Athlete 1 has completed the wall balls, and Athlete 3 cannot start the row until Athlete 2 has completed the row).  Teams cannot start the BUY-OUT until all three athletes have completed 2 full rounds - and the burpees over the barbell are shared and can be SPLIT in any fashion, with only one athlete working at a time.