The 2016 NPGL Season starts on Wednesday with two matches, and then Coach Sarah and the San Francisco Fire take on the Los Angeles Reign in their opening match on Thursday, Aug 18th at 3pm PT.  Matches will be aired in primetime (after being edited and made fancy) on NBC Sports Network starting in September HOWEVER you can watch all the matches LIVE via GRID TV (click here).  For all the details on how to watch the matches click here to get the scoop from the NPGL.  

The Gridmaster offered a prediction for Thursday's SF vs LA match and you can read the entire article here - an excerpt is included below:

LA’s Monique Williams is the 2015 MVP. Alongside her is the 2016 NPGL Draft No. 1 pick Kelly Wild, veterans Sheila Barden and Tonia Osborne, and some new, hungry rookies.  Watch for both Williams and Wild to run rampant in all four quadrants of the GRID. Rob Blackwell will handle much of the leadership within the men’s squad as the most experienced member of that team, but Shane de Freitas, a world-class gymnast from Barbados, will undoubtedly be a standout in the Echoes with handstand push-ups, muscle-ups, and in the body-weight elements required in Jack and Jill .
For San Fran, I expect Sarah (Hopping) Estrella to be a major force through this entire match. Although the weights are light as compared to other matches, Estrella is strong and I expect her to handle perhaps two quadrants of the Mirror, and much of the barbell work in Quadrant 4 of the Echoes and the Triad. This should not detract from the other very strong women on this team, but without a doubt, Hopping will be clutch.
For the men, Eric Cardona will execute lightning fast handstand push-ups on both Echoes, which will be put LA’s de Freitas to the test, (see ”Races to Watch”) and Tyler Cummings will be a factor in the Triads picking up reps for his teammates if needed, especially on the rope climbs.
Adam Cantrell, a second-year Fire athlete, should be dominant in this match. He is the perfect size and speed for Pike’s Peak — with its relatively light weights and Cantrell’s shorter levers, he will be all over Quadrant 4 cycling the bar like a boss.
- Gridmaster Previews: San Francisco at LA Reign

Time to get excited for some fast-paced GRID action!

WOD for 08-17-16:

On a Running Clock...

A) At 0:00

For Time:

800m Run OR Row

60 Walking Lunges

40 AbMat Sit-ups

20 Kettlebell Goblet Squats @ 53/35 lbs


B) From 14:00 - 34:00

Back Squat:



Add to you top set from 08-12-15