"The secret to success is simpler than you might realize. The single factor that separates the ultra successful from everyone else is that successful people endure short-term pain (even seek it out) for long-term gain, while unsuccessful people give-in to short-term pleasure (even seek it out) and experience long term pain."
-Ben Bergeron

Where do you fall in this spectrum?  In your training?  In your career?  In your life/relationships?   

WOD for 07-07-16:

Alternating EMOM for 5 Rounds (10 Minutes):

Minute 1: 8-12 Pistols, alternating

Minute 2: 30-Second Tuck Sit




"Mighty Mini Nightmare"


AMRAP 18 Minutes:

18 Wall Balls @ 20/14 lbs to 10/9 ft

15/12 Calorie Row


Only one athlete working at a time.  Athlete A completes one full round and then switches so that Athlete B can complete one full round.  Score is the team's total rounds + reps completed.