"The Fittest On Earth"

About thirty Arena Ready members gathered at the gym this past Saturday at our 2016 CrossFit Games Viewing Party to watch several of the events set to determine "The Fittest On Earth."  After taking second place two years in a row, Mat Fraser finally claimed the title so many had assumed he'd win three years ago, while Katrin Davidsdottir became only the third athlete ever to repeat as champion.  You can check out a summary of their victories here, and if you missed all the action but want to get caught up you can stream the archived events (from every division) on CrossFit's YouTube channel (click here) or on ESPN3 (click here and select "CrossFit Games").  The edited versions of many of the Individual events will also be re-aired on ESPN and ESPN2 several times over the next several months.


Lost & Found Reminder

A friendly reminder (as mentioned last week) that we'll be collecting what's left unclaimed in the gym's Lost & Found at the end of this week and donating the contents to charity.  So please make sure to take a peak at the goods the next time you're in the gym to see if any of your stuff is in there waiting for you.  Thanks for your attention!

WOD for 07-27-16:

Strict Press:



Push Press:



Push Jerk:



If performing this workout Rx/Black-level the goal is to increase the weight every set, for a total of twelve climbing work sets (i.e. the bar only goes up in weight). If that is unreasonable (be honest with yourself!) decrease the weight when starting the next movement, then climb back up again to a heavy single in four sets.

An example of performing this workout Rx is as follows: 

Strict Press 4x135, 3x145, 2x155, 1x165
Push Press 4x175, 3x195, 2x210, 1x220
Push Jerk 4x225, 3x235, 2x245, 1x255

(Compare to 08-19-15)