Saturday: CrossFit Games Viewing Party

Join us at Arena Ready on Saturday (starting at 12:30pm) to watch the 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games.  We'll be snacking, and drinking, and watching some of the finest competitive exercise in the world - so bring something to share if you like, and hang out with your AR buddies as we watch "The Fittest on Earth" throw down against each other.  

If you're attending an early morning Saturday class and want to head upstairs earlier than 12:30pm you're more than welcome to get the viewing started - just expect most of the others to join-in after noon or so.  Bring a camp chair to sit on if you prefer that over our chairs/sofa/floor.  Kiddos can come too, just as long as parents bring whatever snacks & food they might specifically need, as I'm sure most will have the adult beverages and snacks covered, haha.


Sunday: The Alameda Weightlifting Comp

Coach Hillary and Kate "The Flying Squirrel" will be representing Arena Ready Weightlifting on Sunday at "The Alameda Weightlifting Comp" in San Jose.  Join some of our barbell club lifters, Arena Ready members, and coaches to watch Hillary and Squirrel lift some big weights on the competition platform.  Location details and session start times for the meet are included below - come out and support our athletes!     

As is AR tradition we'll be heading out to grub on some delicious BBQ following the meet (meat?) - so if you're planning on coming down to spectate, plan on eating and drinking with your AR buddies afterward as well! 

"The Alameda Weightlifting Comp" Meet Location:
Donny Shankle Weightlifting (access via CrossFit Silicon Valley)
1345 The Alameda
San Jose, CA 95126 
Session Start Times:
Hillary - 10:00am
Squirrel - 1:00pm

Happy weekend, all!

WOD for 07-23-16:

Five 4-Minute Cycles For Max Reps:

400m Run

13-11-9-7-5 Ground-to-Overhead @ 135/95 lbs

Max Rep Lateral Bar Burpees


Rest 2 minutes between cycles.  Ground-to-overhead reps decrease by 2 each cycle.  Score is total number of lateral bar burpees completed.