As mentioned previously we'll be hosting our annual CrossFit Games Viewing Party at Arena Ready on Saturday (July 23rd), and will start the official festivities at 12:30pm following the Gladiators class.  Come by and join us to watch the top CrossFitters in the world compete for the title of "Fittest On Earth" - we'll view/steam the live events and will play some of the archived events as well, so as not to miss anyone's favorite athlete, team, or workout from the week's competition!  If you're attending an early morning Saturday class and want to head upstairs earlier than 12:30pm you're more than welcome to get the viewing started - just expect most of the others to join-in after noon or so.     

Please feel free to bring snacks/drinks/food to share if you like (bringing treats or eats is appreciated but not required), and we'll have some refreshments on hand as well.  You're also welcome to bring a camp chair to sit on if you prefer that over our chairs/sofa/floor.  Kiddos can come too, just as long as parents bring whatever snacks & food they might specifically need, as I'm sure most will have the adult beverages and snacks covered, haha.

WOD for 07-22-16:

Back Squat:






Weighted Box Step-ups:

8-8-8 (per side)

For Quality

Use dumbbells or kettlebells, a box just above knee height, and do NOT alternate - the lead leg should stay on top of the box and the descent must be controlled.




Weighted Plank Hold:

3 x 0:45

Rest 1:00 between sets

Add to last week (07-12-16) if possible.