A couple of days ago Lisa G wrote a great post on her blog regarding motivation.  You can find her original post here, and we've shared a good portion of it below for today's Monday Motivation:

After yesterday’s workout, I was talking to my fellow classmate, Darrell. We got into talking about what’s going on with life, and got to talking about motivation.  Darrell checks into our gym on Facebook every time he visits at 6AM. At first, it seems like Darrell is just a fitness enthusiast at early hours.  But digging a little further, Darrell told me that he checks in on Facebook to motivate his friends to go to the gym.  By showing up early in the morning, when his friends are going through the internal debate of going to the gym or not, they’ll see his check-in as motivation.
Darrell’s story really resonated with me, so for today’s Fitness Friday, I had to think about what motivates me.  I could write a blog post every week about what motivates me. I realized that I’m fortunate to have so many motivators.  I have an amazing group of coaches who push me to work harder, move safer, and unleash my athletic potential. My husband motivates me to continue to pursue my fitness goals on a daily basis. I have a whole closet full of workout gear and shoes that tell me that I need to make that investment worthwhile. My sister tells me to not give up, despite the mental strain this sport and CrossFit causes. And finally, there’s my gym.
My gym is my motivation. It’s my new arrival friends who come with the willingness and eagerness to try something new like CrossFit. It’s my seasoned veteran friends who define the meaning of hard work and never settle for second best. It’s my friends who juggle having a job and a family, who show up at 6AM because they want to. It’s the friends who use the gym as a way to get away from the stress the workplace brings, and it’s the friends who show up despite fighting nagging and stressful injuries.
My gym is my motivation, and serves as a good reminder how much I want to keep showing up to make them proud.  For this weekend, I hope you go to your source of motivation, whoever or wherever they may be.  Keep on keeping on friends! 
-Lisa G

WOD for 07-18-16:

Hang Squat Snatch:






For Time:


Unbroken Pull-ups

Unbroken Wall Balls @ 2014 lbs to 10/9 ft



"Unbroken" means the athlete does not break the set, on purpose or accidentally.  A missed wall ball target, inadvertently dropped med ball, or accidental chin not going above the plane of the bar are all examples of breaking a set, albeit not on purpose.  Accuracy is key.  The athlete is welcome to start a set over if he/she breaks, but really... who wants to do that?! 

(Compare to 07-06-15)