The summertime travels for our members continue and the snapshots of dropping-in at other CrossFit affiliates for a workout are rolling in!  We're loving the shots of our athletes representing Arena Ready and getting their fitness on all over the world.

Safe travels to all of you who are planning summertime adventures this season.  Go out and get a WOD in wherever you're staying! 

Gary and Desiree dropping-in while in Japan

Chef Bob throwing up the Westside at GSR CrossFit in upstate New York

Quick reminder that Monday 7pm Yoga is back on for July 18th - Dani is back from her travels and is looking forward to seeing you all for some restorative movement.  Keep your strong bodies moving well and recovering properly for your workouts, and for your everyday life! 

WOD for 07-16-16:

With a Partner For Time:

400m Run

42 Thrusters @ 115/80 lbs

42 Toes-to-Bar

400m Run

30 Thrusters

30 Toes-to-Bar

400m Run

18 Thrusters

18 Toes-to-Bar

400m Run


Partners both run together, and then split/share the thruster and toes-to-bar reps in any fashion (with only one partner working at a time).  The thrusters cannot start until both partners have completed the preceding run, and the next run cannot start until the preceding toes-to-bar reps are completed.