Therapeutic Yoga

After a break for the Memorial Day holiday, our Monday evening Therapeutic Yoga class is back on for this coming Monday, June 6th at 7:00pm.  Check out the background info below from Dani for what to expect in class.  We had a great group of athletes at the first class a couple of weeks ago, all of whom gave some very positive feedback - so get on it and take advantage of this on-going class that is FREE for Arena Ready members (sign-up as you would for any other class)! 

Therapeutic yoga is probably very different from what most people think of when they think of yoga. Not quite restorative, definitely not vinyasa, you can expect some stability work, standing poses, twists, and a whole lot of laying on the floor connecting to a deeper breath. I teach a slow practice, and will encourage a mind - body connection by asking you to pay attention to the more subtle aspects of the body (breath, skin, muscles, bones). 
Moving in this slower way helps reveal both strengths and weaknesses you might not be able to connect with during more intense workouts. This awareness translates to every other area of life, including kicking ass in the gym. I'm a stickler for alignment, and as someone who injured myself practicing a more popular yoga style it is important to me that people practice yoga in a safe way. I play fun music, I don't chant, and I promise I'll leave your chakras alone. Besides, where else in your life to you get express permission and encouragement to slow down, breathe, and CTFO (chill the f*ck out) for an hour? 
FINALLY: I often hear people say they can't do yoga because they're not flexible. Frankly, that's like saying someone shouldn't do CrossFit because they can't do a muscle up :) All bodies are welcome and this is appropriate/accessible for everyone at AR. 

Back Squat 1RM Friday

Here we go!  The culmination of 8 weeks of targeted back squat training is upon us!  If you've made all 15 of the previous back squat sessions, used accurate calculations on your loading, consistently made your sets and reps, and worked out a couple of times at AR since doing "Murph" (i.e. didn't sit around all week getting stiffer and tighter by the minute), then chances are you have earned the right to attempt some new PR weights on Friday.

A few words of advice, if I may:

1) Confidence is key.  If you did all the things I listed in the paragraph above then you're physically ready for a new 1RM, no question.  But testing is different from training, and sometimes the numbers can get into an athlete's head.  Remember that your technique and training got you here, and that you've been under heavy weights for a while now - so trust the training, and be confident in your strength.  If you're mentally ready to make a new max, then your body can express what it's already physically capable of doing.

2) Don't be greedy.  Warm-up much like you've done the last 3 weeks during the "intensity" phase of the program.  Don't go changing things up too much or trying new stuff on game day.  Once you're through those warm-ups take your old 1-rep max for a single and feel how easy that bullshit is now (I'm probably going to swear at you a little in the gym on Friday, so get over it and see #1 above about confidence).  Then be smart about your jumps in weight thereafter - don't leave pounds on the table because you took too big of a jump.  Expect that you'll have more than one shot at a new PR, and ask a coach if you want another opinion on what weight to take next.  

3) Safety first.  Getting pinned or pancaked is not an option.  Use the safety bars/arms if needed, or get a spotter (or spotters) who knows how to spot and is strong enough to spot you - and remember that if you're being spotted KEEP STANDING UP NO MATTER WHAT.

Like I said at the beginning of this program I need new videos of badass PRs, so put those lucky shorts/pants/tank tops on and be ready to make some heavy weights.  Meantime here's the same two videos I posted for motivation at the start of these 8 weeks - Squirrel squatting 235 (at 108 bodyweight) and Coach Sarah squatting 353 (at 165 bodyweight), both following a version of this same squat program:

WOD for 06-03-16:


A) From 0:00 - 15:00

"Partner Baseline" 

For Quality, Split Evenly With a Partner:

1000m Row

80 Air Squats

60 AbMat Sit-ups

40 Push-ups

20 Pull-ups

Partners split the reps evenly, with only one partner working at a time. This is FOR QUALITY not for time, so move with a purpose (i.e. don't lollygag or you won't be done by 15:00) but prioritize movement to prepare/warm the entire body for the back squats.


B) From 15:00 - 50:00

Back Squat (Week 8, Day 2):

Find Your New 1-Rep Max

(Compare to 11-24-15)