The good folks at Power Athlete HQ once wrote some choice words for those who like to use the phrase "I don't have time..." (click here for their blog post titled No Time? But Do You Have Time To GFY?).  As you can tell from the article's title it's pretty unapologetic, but if you can get past the aggressive language I think there are some gems of actual wisdom:

...our days are no different than those of the common folk. We have lives, families, and extracurricular commitments. We have to train, test programs, coach, take phone calls, write blogs, run accounting, travel, build software, brush our teeth, get our hair cut, raise kids, feed dogs, do yard work and most importantly SLEEP. Life is busy. Life is chaotic. There’s no good way to get anything done any more. But we all make time for our training...

We have members at Arena Ready who regularly inspire me by the way that they consistently MAKE TIME to train.  To prioritize their fitness.  To put their health first.  They have demanding careers, and long daily commutes, and children, and pets, and travel schedules, and all of that.  Yet they are still here, in the gym, every week... week after week.... month after month... year after year.  They make it hard for me to go home after a long day, and just close up shop without working out... without putting my own health first.  They make me think "do I really want to tell myself tomorrow that I just didn't make the time?" 

"I don't have time (to work out)" is a phrase we hear often, particularly from individuals who are interested in starting CrossFit and possibly joining AR.  We try to take a more sympathetic and open-minded approach than our friends at Power Athlete HQ when attempting to help folks see that they must MAKE the time - but in the end, the message is essentially the same.  As Henry Rollins is quoted in the Power Athlete HQ post:

"No such thing as spare time. 

No such thing as free time

No such thing as down time.

All you got is life time.


WOD for 06-20-16:

Alternating EMOM for 5 Rounds (10 Minutes):

Minute 1: 3 Clusters, climbing

Minute 2: Strict Ring Dips, pick number 




2 Rounds For Time:

20 Calorie Row

20 Clusters @ 115/80 lbs

10 Muscle-ups