Saturday's classes reminded me of an old blog post I once wrote several years ago when we were still making weekly IKEA runs to buy things for setting-up the gym.  While Sarah's fear of Achilles tendon ruptures courtesy of stray Costco flatbed carts is a valid one, I still think that the experience that is IKEA remains my all-time least favorite "shopping" excursion: 

IKEA.  Just the word makes me shudder.  But it had to be done (and needs to be done again soon, sadly), and recently we got after it.  In between classes and other appointments we had only approximately 90 minutes on the running clock to complete the following:
Locate, purchase, lift and carry (thank you, CrossFit):
17x Folding Chairs  
1x Eight Compartment Shelf
1x Sixteen Compartment Shelf
1x Large Bathroom Storage Bench
Jam said treasures into smallish SUV without breaking anything (thank you, Tetris)
Drive back to Arena Ready with my seat nearly against the steering wheel (thank you, hip mobility) 
Coach the next class while my fiancee [Editor's Note: we weren't married yet, obviously] assembles the first few pieces (thank you, my dear, for your engineering mind and useful skill set)
About 3 minutes before we took the picture below I thought to myself "FML, I'm going to have to drag this stuff back in there and return the ones that don't fit in the car.  And then my head might explode on some poor girl's plate of Swedish meatballs."   
But then the NES Tetris song in my head changed tunes and BOOM, like a glove.
Arena Ready - 1
IKEA - 0

The picture doesn't even do it justice

WOD for 06-13-16:


A) At 0:00





B) At 18:00


For Time:


Deadlifts @ 255/155 lbs

Handstand Push-ups


(Compare to 02-13-15, 03-03-14, and 09-03-13)