The 2016 CrossFit Games California Super Regional will stream live on the CrossFit Games website this Friday through Sunday (May 13-15).  Coach Sarah's Day 1 heat times are listed below so that you can plan on watching the live stream if you're not able to make the trip down to Del Mar with the AR crazies who will be cheering in the stands.


Sarah's Day 1 Heat Times: Friday, May 13th

Event 1 - 12:10pm (Individual Women Heat 1)

Event 2 - 2:25pm (Individual Women Heat 1)


The heats for Day 2 and Day 3 will be re-ordered based on standings at the end of each competition day, so we'll update you during the weekend so you know Sarah's heat times for Events 3 through 7 (Sat-Sun).

 Only a few days away - get excited!

WOD for 05-10-16:

2 Front Squats + 1 Split Jerk:

5 Sets of (2+1)

Climbing to a moderate top set (NOT max)




Back Squat (Week 5, Day 1):

6x2 @ 80%