Saturday (May 21st): PWA Wine Country Classic

A few of the Arena Ready weightlifting team members will be taking the platform on Saturday at the Pacific Weightlifting Association's annual "Wine Country Classic" meet.  Mike S, Coach Sarah, and Kate "The Flying Squirrel" will lift in attempts to set new personal competition totals and/or qualify for the 2016 USAW American Open Championships.  Several of your fellow Arena Ready members, as well as a few members of the coaching staff, will be on site to cheer them on and enjoy some heavy lifting - so feel free to join us if you're so inclined!  

Squirrel's session starts at 9am, Sarah's session starts at 2pm, and Mike's session starts at 4:30pm.

Here's the meet location:
CTS Fitness & Performance
1755 Industrial Way, Suite #15
Napa, CA 94558


Sunday (May 22nd): Contra Costa Throwdown

On Sunday, eight of our athletes will make their way over to the "2016 Contra Costa Throwdown - Partners Edition" for some partner fitness competition.  The teams of Lindsay "LGB" + Jess D, Kim + Coach Hillary, Kate "The Flying Squirrel" + Coach Sarah, and Lisa "Mini Rex" + Coach Lindsay "Sparkle" StokMo will be paring up to attack some fun workouts in both the scaled and Rx divisions.  

The workout/event details and live scoring for the competition can be found here on WODRocket (click for the link).  Several Arena Ready members and supporters will be in attendance to scream their heads off for our four teams, so come by and join us for some competitive exercise!

Thanks to Coach Liz for culling the event organizer's schedule spreadsheet for the following Arena Ready teams' heat times (workout/event names in parenthesis):

9:16am Jess/LGB (Red Light/Green Light)
9:16am Kim/Hillary (Cluster)
9:40am Kate/Sarah and Lisa/Lindsay (Mirror/Rig)
10:46am Jess/LGB (Cluster)
10:46am Kim/Hill (Mirror/Rig)
11:58am Kate/Sarah and Lisa/Lindsay (Red Light/Green Light)
1:00pm Jess/LGB (Mirror/Rig)
1:06pm Kim/Hill (Red Light/Green Light)
1:24pm Kate/Sarah and Lisa/Lindsay (Cluster)
Here's the event location:
Concord High School
4200 Concord Boulevard
Concord, CA 94521

Interested in Competing?

Are you interested in competing in a weightlifting meet or a functional fitness competition?  You don't have to be "elite" in order to participate and compete!  Local weightlifting meets often have many newcomers to the sport entered in the competition, and several of our Arena Ready weightlifting team members lifted in a meet long before they ever thought they were "good enough" to compete.  Similarly, local fitness competitions and "throwdowns" often have scaled or beginner divisions for those who are new to competition.  Just like training for a 5K or a trail run, you don't have to be "a contender to win" in order to enter, train for the event, compete, have fun with some friends, and learn from your experience - weightlifting and functional fitness are no different.

Contact Coaches Rob and Sarah if you are interested and would like to know more about training for a weightlifting meet and/or functional fitness competition.  Coach Lindsay (AR's official "Throwdown Competition Chair") can also assist in finding fitness competitions that have scaled or beginner divisions for those looking to get their first event under their belt!         

WOD for 05-20-16:


A) From 0:00 - 13:00

With a Partner For Quality:


Then Split...

600m Row

40 Box Jumps @ pick height

40 Walking Lunges

40 PVC OR Empty Bar Overhead Squats

Both partners run together completing 600m.  Then partners split the remaining movement reps evenly, with only one partner working at a time. This is FOR QUALITY not for time, so move with a purpose (i.e. don't lollygag or you won't be done by 13:00) but prioritize movement integrity in order to prepare/warm the entire body for 4x4 back squats.


B) From 13:00 - 50:00

Back Squat (Week 6, Day 2):

4x4 @ 90%