Day 1 of the 2016 CrossFit Games California "Super" Regional is in the books, and it was an awesome day of competition down in Del Mar.  With the "loudest cheering section of Day 1" (as the live stream announcers put it), Coach Sarah finds herself in 7th place overall following an exciting near-win in Event 1 and a very strong showing in Event 2, which contained some of her most challenging movements.  The 7th place overall standing means she has shot up the leaderboard and will be in Saturday's top heat ("Heat 4") for Event 3/4 and Event 5, along with the other top 10 competitors.      

You can watch all of the action live on the CrossFit Games website (click here for full details), as well as the archived events.  Sarah's Day 2 (Saturday) scheduled heat times are as follows:

Event 3/4 - 12:55pm ("Heat 4, Lane 2") 

Event 5 - 4:00pm ("Heat 4, Lane 2")

WOD for 05-14-16:


For Time*:

100 Calorie Row 

1000m Run w/Medicine Ball @ 20/14 lbs 

100 Deadlifts @ 185/135 lbs** 

100 Burpees Over Rower 

100 Calorie Row 

*One athlete working at a time. Reps can be split in any fashion the team sees fit, and they do not have to be split evenly.

**One teammate must be holding the medicine ball overhead while the deadlift reps accumulate.  The ball cannot rest on the athlete's head, and the athlete's hands can be the only body part touching the ball. Once the ball is dropped from overhead the deadlift reps must stop.