Most of you who are members at Arena Ready know that we only on-board a small number of new athletes every few months as membership spaces become available (usually because a couple of existing members moved for a job/school/etc).  We're lucky to have a community of members with very little turnover, and we have dozens and dozens of folks who have been with us for 2, 3, and even going on 4 years.  This creates the sort of unique and welcoming atmosphere we have at the gym... a close knit family of like-minded people from all different walks of life, who support and encourage each other in the pursuit of getting better.  While we receive inquiries every day for new people to join Arena Ready, we keep the intake & on-boarding process deliberate in order to keep our membership at a constant number - putting us in that sweet spot of knowing everyone in the gym, and being able to coach each athlete in a personal manner that ultimately leads to real progress.  

Our April on-boarding process starts this Saturday (April 9th) with the "Introduction to CrossFit" class and continues the following Saturday (April 16th) with the "Beginner's CrossFit" class.  Both 90-minute classes are free, and the completion of both allows a prospective athlete to then select a membership and start taking group classes as a member at Arena Ready.  Existing members who would like to sit-in on the first half of the "Introduction to CrossFit" class are also welcome to do so, as the first 45 minutes cover the methodology of CrossFit and our specific approach to the application of that methodology at Arena Ready (a great way to get a refresher on that info if it's been a while since you've given it any thought).

Why am I telling all of you this?  Because I want you to help us continue to build Arena Ready with the sort of amazing people we already have in the building.  I want your significant others, your family members, your friends, your neighbors, your loved ones - those are the folks we want to be a part of this incredible community, and those are the people who tend to stick around and really make fitness a lifestyle... because they already have you as a built-in advocate and support system.  That's not to say we don't love the complete strangers who find their way to us and eventually become big parts of the AR family - we certainly have our fair share of those stories as well.  But since so many of you ask us on a regular basis when the next on-boarding opportunity will be - because you have someone special in mind who you think might really enjoy it and benefit from the program - I figured I would post here to let everyone know.  

So send them our way and help us fill the place with the incredible people in your life.  They can register for the free classes on our website here!  Existing AR members who would like to sit-in on the first half of the "Introduction to CrossFit" class can simply show up and hang out - no need to register for the class online.

WOD for 04-06-16:


A) At 0:00

1000m Run at an "Easy" Pace


B) From 5:00 - 22:00

Overhead Squat:



C) From 22:00 - 39:00

Back Squat 7-7-3-2-2


The run should be at an "easy" pace just a bit faster than a conversational jog.  Warm-up sets may be taken for both the OHS and BS prior to the first set of 7, but once the work sets have started there should be no "in-between" sets during the 7-7-3-2-2 rep scheme (i.e. the athlete must go from their second set of 7 directly to their set of 3, etc).