Thanks so much to everyone who came out on Saturday evening to celebrate during our annual "Post Open" Get Together!  We had over 60 folks come by to say hello, hang out, eat/drink, and socialize with friends outside of the gym, and a fun evening was had by all.  For those who were not able to make it you were certainly missed - we'd like to list the "awards" we handed out during the evening to fill you all in, and to give the winners another shout out on this forum:

Top 3 Open Finishers - Men (by placement in the NorCal Region):

1) Cody R.

2) Walker T.

3) Tony M.


Top 3 Open Finishers - Women (by placement in the NorCal Region):

1) Kate "The Flying Squirrel"

2) Hillary H.

3) Lindsay "Sparkle"


"Rookie of The Year" - Male:

Gordon "G-Dub"

(Honorable Mention: Jason Y.)


"Rookie of The Year" - Female:

Yami R.

(Honorable Mention: Amy D., Mayra D.)


"Spirit of The Open" - Male:

Zach "The Natural"


"Spirit of The Open" - Female:

Sarah D.


"Inspirational Performance of The Year":

Kim T.

(And congratulations, Kim, on your second consecutive advancement to the Master's Qualifier... which we'll be covering in a separate blog post soon!)

Great work to all of our award winners, and to each athlete who participated in the Open this year!  For yet another year well over half of our gym's community engaged in this event, the world's largest fitness competition, and we couldn't be more proud of the effort of our members, and the support we all showed each other as a collective group.   

We also want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Chad for being AR's 2016 Open Super Judge - he was there for every Open Saturday for five weeks, from the opening of the gym until the final heat was scored.  He helped run logistics, coordinated equipment set-up, and kept things running smoothly, and without his help the 2016 Open would not have been nearly as much fun for everyone involved.  So thank you, Chad, for all your efforts!     

WOD for 04-04-16:

Alternating EMOM for 6 Rounds (12 Minutes):

OODS: 3 Push Presses, Climbing

EVENS: 10 Hollow Rocks




For Time:

40 Push Presses @ 95/65 lbs

400m Run

10 Burpee Muscle-ups

400m Run

40 Push Presses @ 95/65 lbs