I can't write the words "Tag Team" in the workout below and not think about the golden era of WWF (now "WWE") nonsense I used to watch as a kid.  One day a while ago at the gym I asked everyone in class what their "entrance song" would be if they could choose one that played every time they walked into Arena Ready... you know, if they walked in like a crazed wrestler hopped-up on pre-workout about to suplex somebody.

Hands down, the king of entrances when I was young was the Ultimate Warrior.  His energy was off the charts and I remember thinking how pumped I would get when he ran out for a match - it was like coffee couldn't start its day until being drunk by the Ultimate Warrior first.

So perhaps, even as ridiculous as it looks now when watching it as an adult, this video may provide you some energy for your Saturday Tag Team DT workout.  Just make sure not to attempt any of the moves seen below with your teammates or the barbell.  Safety first.  Thanks in advance.        

WOD for 04-30-16:


"TTTDT" ("Triple Tag Team DT")

AMRAP 20 Minutes:

12 Deadlifts @ 155/105 lbs

9 Hang Power Cleans

6 Push Jerks

*400m Run*


Athletes 1 and 2 start on the barbell triplet, with only one person working at a time. 

*Athlete 3 starts outside and runs 400m before switching with a teammate. One teammate must always be running, and must always switch after 400m.  

The team's score is total rounds + reps of the triplet completed.