The gym's Lost & Found is once again having a blowout sale!  Anything that's actually yours is $FREE NINETY-NINE, and anything left at the end of next week is fair game for us to send to the Arena Ready Rack (aka donated to The Salvation Army).  So if you don't want to see Molly F. or the Flying Squirrel wearing your favorite blazer when meeting you out for dinner, I'd suggest taking a peak into the bin during the next week to potentially claim your loot - there's some nice stuff in there!

The Lost & Found bin is located next to the Power Supply fridge in AR North.  Please also check the "water bottle graveyard" located on top of the cubbies - we'll also donate any of those that are left over at the end of next week.

Thanks for your attention!

Current Lost & Found contents not actually pictured above (sorry, this is an old picture)... but you get the point.  Double-check to see if that sweatshirt you've been missing has been here all along!

WOD for 04-29-16:


A) At 0:00:

Back Squat (Week 3, Day 2):

6x5 @ 80%



B) At 32:00:

1600m Run

You pick the pace.