73.  That's the number.

I've been a Golden State Warriors fan my entire life. I grew up playing basketball here in the city and although I eventually became a collegiate tennis player it was basketball that was my first love.  And when I say I was a Dubs fan my entire life I mean it... as a youth I scrounged to buy tickets when they were terrible, I stayed in the arena during 20+ point losses cheering for Manute Bol three-pointers so that we could get free Taco Bell with our ticket stubs, I had the Pizza Hut calendars with Run TMC, Alton Lister, and Sarunas Marciulionis on them, I booed when they drafted Todd Fuller, Joe Smith, and Adonal Foyle, wondering if we were trying to field a book reading squad instead of a sports team.  I used to say things like "Sprewell is the best guard in the league not named Jordan" and "C-Webb just gets a bad rap."  A bunch of nonsense statements really, indicative of dumb things a true fan says from time to time.  Hell, I even thought that maybe, just maybe, that 8th seeded team in '06-'07 could actually go all the way after beating the 1st seeded Mavs - I lived two blocks away from Baron Davis at the time and thought perhaps it was a sign from the basketball gods.  Silly me.

So nowadays, with all the recent success the team has had, I try not to talk it up too much and be one of those obnoxious bandwagon fans, pretending like they were here all along. You know who I'm talking about:

So you'll have to excuse this one (for now) post about the Warriors and their quest for history - 73 wins in one season.  I realize that even if they make it to 73-9 all the Bulls fans and other haters will say that Jordan and Co. would have swept my Dubs 4-0 if they played with both teams at their peak.  Obviously I don't agree.

Go DUBS.  AR folks, you know which socks I'll be wearing on Wednesday. 

WOD for 04-13-16:

"Run TMC"

6 Rounds, Start Every 4 Minutes:

20/17 Calorie Row

200m Run

6 Unbroken Hang Power Cleans @ 155/105 lbs

3 Unbroken Front Squats

6 Lateral Bar Burpees


If the barbell movements are not completed unbroken (i.e. performed as one set of nine total reps) the athlete must add 3 lateral bar burpees for every time the bar is dropped.