Open workout 16.5 is officially upon us... and oh boy, what a (repeat) treat!  This workout was also known as "14.5" and those of you who did the Open in 2014 remember it well I'm sure.  You're about to get an opportunity to see exactly how much better you've become over those two years (well, at least for this very specific test of fitness), so giddy up!  We're looking forward to another awesome "Open Saturday" at Arena Ready to close out the 2016 Open.

If you're planning on completing the workout during Saturday classes please make sure to read the workout info here and watch the standards video below so that you're familiar with the details of the WOD.  Thanks folks!

WOD for 03-25-16:

Weighted Strict Pull-up:


(Compare to 10-22-15, 03-27-15, and 11-14-14)




"Partner Boat Race"

3 Rounds for Total Time*:


500m Row

400m Run



500m Row

400m Run

*One partner working at a time (one works while the other rests).  One athlete must complete their entire round (500m Row + 400m Run) BEFORE the other athlete can begin his/her round.  BOTH partners complete 3 total rounds of 500m Row + 400m Run each.