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Today someone mentioned not reading the blog. Gasp! For those of you that don't read it because it's hard to remember to go to a website, you can have it emailed to you automatically!

The blog software puts out a computer-readable feed, called RSS, and you can subscribe to that feed using different apps or services. I use IFTTT ("If this, then that") to link it up to my email. The RSS feed URL is:

I published the "recipe" so if you sign up for IFTTT you can just add this recipe with your own email address:

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What's 16.5 gonna be?  We'll find out what the FINAL WOD of the 2016 Open brings us at 5pm on Thursday, along with the rest of the CrossFit world.  The live head-to-head battle immediately after the announcement of 16.5 features the reigning CrossFit Games Champion, Ben Smith, the four-time individual champ, Rich Froning, and the 2nd place finisher the last two years, Mat Fraser... so it should be awesome battle to watch.  Join us at Arena Ready for the live stream, and as with previous weeks, if you're not able to make it in on Saturday for the Open you're first shot at completing the workout will be on Thursday evening at the 7pm Gladiators class.  

Thrusters?  Overhead squats?  Box jumps?  Ring muscle-ups?  A max lift (YES PLEASE!)?

WOD for 03-24-16:

Back Squat:






For Time:

BUY-IN: 500m Row

Then, 3 Rounds of:

100m Double Kettlebell Farmer Carry, pick load

20m Bear Crawl

20m Walking Lunges

BUY-OUT: 400m Run