When I was a teenager I had a basketball coach that had some, shall we say, unique methods.  I'm sure that anyone who grew up like I did with a few hard-nosed coaches can relate to some degree... kissing the gym floor because we should be grateful we get to practice in such a nice facility, screaming random SAT words to confuse opposing players when trapping on defense, no one goes home until the entire team makes consecutive free throws without missing, throwing you out of practice or punishing the whole team if you wore any color that resembled a rival school's uniform (I once got an earful and "caused the entire team to run suicides" because I wore socks with tiny purple stripes on them along with my red and blue practice jersey).   

Back then we all thought it was a little funny and a little scary (not that we would ever admit that second part at the time), but we mostly concluded that he was just a crazy old dude who knew basketball really well and told stories of the old days when he "took Kurt Rambis to the rack and threw it down" (come on Coach, we all know it was probably a back-door cut and a proper lay-up or finger roll... fundamentals, kids!).  Now that I'm older I look back and think he was onto something, and I'm grateful that he forced some discipline on me and taught me to value and respect a mastery of the basics.  He had a dusty frame on the wall in his office that I never really paid much attention to as a kid - in fact I had forgotten all about it until recently I saw a similar poster hanging in another CrossFit gym.  I read it and thought to myself, "Huh, old Coach knew some stuff after all."  The poster read:

These Require ZERO Talent:
1) Be on time
2) Work ethic
3) Effort.
4) Body language
5) Energy
6) Attitude
7) Passion
8) Being coachable
9) Doing extra
10) Being prepared  

I immediately looked down at my ankles to make sure I wasn't wearing purple on my socks.  Let's just say if Coach were there that day then everyone would be doing burpees.

WOD for 03-16-16:

Back Squat:



Sore from Monday? Take it a little easier, a little lighter. Cherry-picked Monday? Then heavier it is.




For Time:

40 Calorie Row

40 Walking Lunges

40 Pull-ups

40 Wall Balls @ 20/14 lbs to 10/9 ft