Thanks to the talented artists of Arena Ready for highlighting another fantastic Open Saturday at the gym.  Brian C documents so many of our athletes' badass accomplishments in his film above, pairing PR moments with my favorite AR Open film soundtrack thus far... Maps by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.  So awesome.  I love this video.

And, of course, Jenny's lens captured dozens of amazing shots from Saturday, showing the full range of emotion from a rainy day of PRs, near-PRs, smiles, cheers, screams, and babies.  As always her work is stellar, and her pictures tell such a great story of our community experience.  Have fun not working at your desk for the next hour and click here to view her entire gallery (more embedded shots coming to the blog as well).  So good.  AND CONGRATS TO YOU TOO, JENNY, FOR YOUR FIRST EVER BAR MUSCLE-UP!!!   

In fact, I lost count of how many people got their first bar muscle-up this weekend (and/or first time doing multiple reps in an actual workout) - I think it's somewhere in the dozen-plus range.  Just as in years past (e.g. 15.3, 14.4, and 13.3) Arena Ready athletes once again show that A) a high percentage of your gym can and actually should participate in the Open; and B) a dedicated group can overcome some of the most challenging obstacles (in this case, movements) when said group supports and and encourages each other passionately.  If you consistently worked hard this last year you were likely rewarded (or at least encouraged that you will soon be rewarded), and it was fun to watch that moment happen over and over again for so many people.  Props to all of you who busted ass to get it - coming in to the gym, working with the coaches, putting the time in on the drills and positions, trusting the process.  Enjoy the PR and welcome to the club... next up, work to make them better while moving on to the next movement you're going to crush! 

A couple of reminders:

1) Your 16.3 score is due by 5pm (Pacific Time) on Monday.  You must submit your score on the CrossFit Games website, as we cannot enter it for you (we can only validate it once it's been entered).  DO IT NOW!

2) If you were not able to complete 16.3 during any of the Thursday, Saturday, or Sunday times (and you are officially entered in the Open) your last chance is on Monday during the added 1:00pm OR 2:30pm time slots (please sign-up for "The OPEN" classes on the schedule as you would for any other class, and expect to do the workout and also judge another athlete).  Performing 16.3 during Monday's morning (6am, 7am), noon, or 4pm classes is not permitted.  Thank you for your attention!

WOD for 03-14-16:


10 Rounds of 1 Minute for Max Reps Lateral Bar Burpees:

8 Deadlifts @ 135/95 lbs

6 Hang Power Cleans

4 Front Squats

2 Push Jerks

...then, in the remaining time within the minute...

Max Reps Lateral Bar Burpees

(REST 1 Minute)


This workout is 1 minute of work, then 1 minute of rest for 10 rounds (20 total minutes).  During each work minute the athlete must complete the reps for the four barbell movements then use any remaining time to complete as many lateral bar burpees as possible.  Score is total number of lateral bar burpees.


(Compare to 08-05-15)