Brian C worked his magic once again and documented 16.2 at Arena Ready this past Saturday.  Check out the awesome video below which captures some of the great moments by our athletes.  Thank you so much, Brian!

16.3 is officially upon us, so if you are gong to be completing the workout this Saturday at Arena Ready please start by reviewing the workout details here and watching the standards video below - thanks!

For those who are still working on mastering the bar muscle-up here's a good video covering some of the key points when learning the movement:

WOD for 03-11-16:

With a Partner For Time*:

5000m Row. Switch every 250m, exactly.


*For every meter over 250 when the counter stops, there is a 2-rep Wall Ball penalty (e.g. if the counter stops at 256m the team owes 12 Wall Balls). 

*For every meter short of 250 the team owes the difference plus 5 AbMat Sit-ups (e.g. if the counter stops at 247m the team owes 8 AbMat Sit-ups). 

The penalties accumulate and must be performed at the end of the 5000m row.  The team's time includes the time required to complete the penalty reps, which can be divided/shared in any fashion.